Commission open

I am now available to do commissions. Sorry if you have tried to contact me in the past but I was working a full time job that didn’t involved drawing. Now am free to create. Please note I can’t take any request to draw any copyrighted characters, do to the fact that I DO NOT own or have any affiliation with said groups e.i. Marvel, Disney, DC, Warner bros., NBC, WWE, etc.

To make sure I don’t get sued, any request have to be original non copyrighted material. To be clear, what I post on my instagram/Tumblr is mostly for me and I do not make any money off of any of my pieces I have made in the past.

So if you want a design for logo, a podcast or t-shirt design or something else please contact me via email. I take payment through paypal and I will send an invoice to your email. All work is only digital so no prints are available but I will send the finish piece to your email once payment is recieved and you can take the piece to be printed by kinko’s or wherever. Final piece is 11x14 max. print size.

-My prices range from $20-$50 and up (it all depends on how time I put in a piece)
-My email:
-No copyrighted material Request.
-Payment through paypal.
-Sorry I will NOT draw your comicbook.

Pin up Dancer sketch
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the dark world

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Lady Doodle
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Jean Ralphio’s : A Breakfast Cereal
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Presumed Lost

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Shawshank Redemption Theme

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La Vie En Rose Orchestral

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La Vie En Rose

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